National Evaluation of the Troubled Families Programme

Resource Pack for Local Troubled families Teams

National Evaluation of the Troubled Families Programme

Resource Pack for Local Troubled families Teams

Introducing the evaluation

Welcome to the online resource pack for the National Evaluation of the Troubled Families Programme. This document provides all of the information that you will need to gain an overview of the national evaluation, including the aims, work programme and tasks, and key deliverables.


The pack also explains the process through which the Evaluation Team will be aiming to recruit Local Authorities to four different ‘Levels of Involvement’, according to your capacity and interest to participate in the national evaluation, and the steps and timescales that are involved. 



Structure and content of the pack

The pack is structured to assist you with accessing the right level of information at the stage when you need it, as follows:


• The online pages include background information about the evaluation, and briefly explain the purpose of the four main elements:


(i) who are the troubled families and what kinds of problems do they face;


(ii) what outcomes do the families achieve - the progress of troubled families compared to the progress of two different comparison groups;


(iii) how the TF programme has influenced the design and delivery of family intervention services, and the family’s experience of that; and.


(iv) what savings the programme has made, after costs are taken into account.


An indicative timetable is also provided for year 1. The different Levels of Involvement are then explained in brief.


• You can click on the diagram on the last page to access more detailed information about each of the four Levels of Involvement in turn. Here, you can read a summary of the activities; the implications for local troubled families teams, and what you would receive in terms of outputs. You can also click on a link to access more detailed information in supporting PDF documents. This should help you to decide which Level is the most suitable for you.   


• Finally, you can access more detailed information about the scope of each element of the evaluation in downloadable PDF files, at the stage when you are ready to view this information. These can be found within the description of each level of involvement, so that the information is specific to the appropriate levels. 



Next steps

The process of recruiting local troubled families teams to one of the four Levels of Involvement will take place throughout May and June 2013. To help with this process, you can book a place on one of the telephone briefing sessions, where you can hear more about the additional data and reporting outputs that this would provide to support the delivery of your local troubled Families programme.


The briefing sessions will also provide an opportunity for questions and answers, to help establish which of the different Levels of Involvement is the most appropriate and feasible for your Local Authority, and to get a better sense of what the resource and data sharing implications might be.







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